Tax Time

Here in the US, the tax year runs Jan 1 to Dec 31.  At home, I hated tax time, but here I actually look forward to it…why you ask?  Well for starters, I have the best accountant in the world (thanks to Jackie and Nigel), then I get to go to his office which has an amazing view of the city (he has the corner office on the 71st floor of the Empire State building) and then…..he is the only accountant that has ever dropped his fees (this I’ve never heard of in my entire accountant visiting years, normal practice is to raise them each year)!  So here is the view from Ed’s office (yes I take pics while he wades through the tiny bits of scrunched up papers relating to tax stuff that I give him – he should be knighted, bronzed then cloned and distributed throughout the accounting profession globally).

And then after this years tax visit, I got to have dinner with Jackie who just happened to be working in NY instead of her hometown Chicago.  So we found a new restaurant, L’express, which is actually open 24hours a day (love this city).  Not that we were eating at some abominable hour, 8pm since Jackie was working late.  What can I say, another great find!

So after a sublime salad nicoise, an amazing lamb burger with harissa (french moroccan) and a waiter who happened to hit the money with wine selections for us we happily pronounced a new find (in a city of millions of restaurants, it’s not often you need to return to one since it’s so easy to try the ever rotating opening of new restaurants or the established ones you haven’t  been to yet).  Finished off with a tarte tartin which was lovely and not too sweet, but just perfect and lots of conversations about her upcoming visit to Ireland (short Easter holiday), her work in Milan (it’s a hard life being an IBMer) and what books should be written for the good of mankind.  Is there any better way to spend a day doing taxes?

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