Hanging with Oscar the wonder dog

Well hello my name is Oscar and I’m holidaying at Leanne’s house while my family are in Disney World Florida.  I am a Westie like McTavish and we look a LOT alike.  I am writing her blog today as she is busy cooking.  This will of course involve scrumptious things that are for me!  Although, she already got me great special treats (2 bags).

In fact, she left the nice little fillet mignon mini paws on the table and went to the bathroom.  Clearly this was a message that I should jump on the table and eat as many as I can as fast as possible.  I excelled and won the game, I ate all 70 of these little mini treats!  Today I’m a bit sick, I keep feeling ill and my tummy hurts but I don’t know why?  We go outside a lot to the toilet today.

Now she put the snausages, which are my next challenge, on the kitchen table which is much higher and is obviously an added degree of difficulty.  It must be the doggie snack olympics this week!  So today we watched some “Sons of Anarchy”, which is a great show, but there are NO doggies in it.  It’s time I sent a letter to them too.  I’ll do that after I finish this blog thingy.  She’s making some Southern Pork thing with potatoes…it smells yummy.  The cat is outside, he keeps looking at me through the window and making snarly sounds – not very friendly at all!  OK, well I have to go and sleep a bit so my tummy is ready for the next challenge!  This blog typing thing is ok…

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