Chill out and Cheer up Winter

Chill out and Cheer up Winter

So this last weekend I headed off to a retreat for some Yoga, Meditation, Vegetarian food and general peace at the Hari Krishna Ashram in the Catskills. A mere 2hrs away is snowy peace – along the way we noticed these people had decided to cheer up their winter yard with beautiful hanging baskets of fake flowers all around their yard! Arriving we dropped our luggage off and headed straight for the sauna house. Yoga started at 4pm – a 2hr class and a vegetarian banquet for dinner left us happy. Meditation and chanting at the temple ended our night which sent us off to bed. 5.30am (I kid you not) we were up and getting ready for our hour long silent mediation walk. Sounds great until you realize it is pitch black as the sun is not even thinking about getting up. Walking in the dark in snow and cold should be enough to have you thinking “she’s finally lost it”, but I have to say (after light started and I was absolutely sure I would not fall, break my neck or get eaten by a bear – yay for hibernation), I loved the hour long walk. On to another 2hr Yoga class and brunch – considering my own superhero outfit at this point. Next is clearly some more sauna time and an afternoon nap which left me waking just in time to rush down to the 2nd yoga class of the day for 2hrs (that is 4hrs people – where is my cape?). I’m feeling particularly proud of my first shoulder stand. More delicious dinner, meditation (how does anyone sit cross-legged for over an hour?) and chanting (finally a place where no one would even think of pointing out that I can’t sing and should shut up immediately)! There is definitely a lot to be said for a chill out weekend that I will be repeating every couple of months….blissed out!

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