What a difference 3 weeks makes…

What a difference 3 weeks makes...

Finally there is hope…not to end global warming, but certainly that this “hell froze over and I live in it now” state of affairs in New York may not be permanent (my greatest fear). For the first time today, I didn’t need a winter coat and strangely the front lawn is covered with these little purple flowers – I’m not sure when it happened, but thank god it’s here! Hello Spring, please do not rush through to Summer – I’m warding off the next Winter already…

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2 Responses to What a difference 3 weeks makes…

  1. Kaz Enbom says:

    Good to know its warming up finally!


  2. Chelle says:

    I thought the groundhog said you were going to have Spring early! We’re having some unusual weather here also. For Sam’s birthday we were sweltering and in the pool, the next weekend we were having torrential rain and some hail.The heater was on a few days ago yet tmrw is going to be 28degC. So happy things are looking up for you in your new job too!


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