Why I love service in the US…

So, Friday I worked down in Manhattan and caught the train from White Plains.  Mostly I drive down but feeling like the parking costs for 12hrs might give me a heart attack when I’m attempting a responsible spending program, I decide to enjoy the transport experience. Services you have here that you CANNOT get at home anymore:


1) You can buy a ticket on board….from a real person…who asks how your day is.

2) You can relax in comfortable seats and watch stations whizz by on a “real” express train…White Plains to Grand Central 35 mins and 2 stops.

3) If you mistakenly get on a “super express” train, which is not actually stopping at your station (ok so I screwed up) and you are confronted with the possibility of going another 5 stations past your stop, then catching a train back, the nice man from option 1 above will shake his head, explain the difference between the multitude of express trains, explain to you he loves Australians, your accent and wants to visit downunder one day but the plane flight is too damn far and then smile and tell you they will stop the train at your station anyway and unlock the door to let you out…..god bless the train conductors of America!

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