The Immortal Aussie Ugg Boot is so much more here in the US than we have at home!

IMG_0929Well, what can I say, Uggs rule here in NYC.  Well, it snows there you might say and people need warm feet.  This is not a winter situation at all.  We have them for all seasons and events.  Thong uggs for summer (flip flops for our American friends), glitter uggs for clubbing (I kid you not) and my personal favorite behold the  Bridal Uggs.  You need something to wear whilst you are spending your day getting ready for the “big day” so you could be wearing a pair of the these beauties.  Why did none of my friends getting married drag me out shoe shopping for the big day and gasp “oooohhhh I must get those bridal uggs too”? (actually there is a bridal ugg bag too)

How did I not know about this phenomenon where it’s unthinkable that you prepare for your big day without the “Bridal Uggs” amongst other traditional bride day things?  The differences in our respective cultures often give me a smile (the occasional bit of fear), but this was a day of laugh out loud, stomach hurts so bad and I can’t breathe kind of fun that it was worthy of a blog post!

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3 Responses to The Immortal Aussie Ugg Boot is so much more here in the US than we have at home!

  1. Karen says:

    Fantastic. I looked in the Ugg shop at Westchester when I stayed with you, and couldn’t get over the range. How come we don’t have this in Aus?


  2. bbandb says:

    I have never heard of Bridal Uggs! Now that is crazy! Still, after this NY winter even you have to admit that Uggs are an actual necessity when you live in the Tundra!


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