Is there a legal requirement to use an indicator here in New York?

IMG_0989I’ve finally discovered why car insurance is so expensive here – it’s because of the accidents.  “Of course, you idiot” you mutter as you read this.

But here is why there are so many accidents – apparently using an indicator to signal that you are turning is optional at best.  This week alone I have witnessed three accidents.  All, in my estimation as a witness, occurred because the idiot that got ran into did not signal they were turning (they then had the audacity to get out and start yelling at the poor person that ran into the back of them).  It doesn’t matter where I drive, in Manhattan, up here in Westchester County or the neighboring state of Connecticut I see the same thing.  This leads me to believe it must be optional to signal you are turning.  Less than 20% of people (ok so it’s a rough estimate but it’s based on three and a half years driving here) actually bother to use their indicators.  Public request to NY & White Plains police departments, please start ticketing people for failing to indicate – the situation is driving me mad and  a complete reduction for all drivers is the only way my insurance will ever go down in the near future.

It is with irony, I mention that my car insurance is more expensive ($1824 annually) than everyone else’s.  My driving record of 28 years does not count as Australia drives on the opposite side of the road, and with no accidents or tickets since driving here in all this time I’m still told it won’t actually reduce any further until I swap my license over.  At which point it will go up  by 50% for 5 years, until I’ve got a US license driving history (WTH???).


Meanwhile, chief complaint number two of mine is the continued situation with the laziest shoppers in the world – is it really necessary to encircle my car with shopping carts?  This normally results in at least one of them rolling into my car door panels and leaving a great scratch or dent on it, again it all adds up in the insurance stakes.  I hesitate to point it out, but the cart return is literally once space from my car in the photo.  When I see people doing this I normally roll down my window and ask “Are you really going to leave your cart there?” They then either, sheepishly head towards the return, or respond with “People get paid to go and get them so why should I take it back”, ummmmm I really don’t think the cart collection was intended to be a job with added degrees of difficulty!  So that’s my week in the car/driving stakes – let the next one be better.  So fill in the poll below….I’m curious to know what people really do – it’s anonymous so you can answer honestly 🙂

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1 Response to Is there a legal requirement to use an indicator here in New York?

  1. Alesa says:

    I’m so glad to find your blog, Leanne! I love this post,and its brutal honesty even though I hate that you’ve having such a terrible time with lack of turn signal use, auto insurance woes and rude people with shopping carts. Welcome to America, right? 😉

    Don’t come to the sunny South. If you think turn signal use is poor where you are, it’s worse here according to Northerners who move down here. My favorite (NOT) drivers are those who want to turn left onto a busy thoroughfare. If they don’t use their signal and just look at me with pleading eyes that they simply must turn left right that minute, I drive ahead since they obviously just assume I can read their mind and that, of course, their need to turn left in front of me is greater than my need to get where I’m going. 🙂 On the other hand, I’m more than happy to lend a hand to the few people who still have the common courtesy to signal.


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