Why a swanky gym is better than, well, the alternative!

Why a swanky gym is better than, well, the alternative!

So I have a new gym. The murder at the Y really put me off my gym program, so a new one was in order. Good news – this one even has a sign on the front door saying “Firearms not permitted on the premises” (yay).
Gym Pics Here https://www.lifetimefitness.com/en/clubs/westchester-ny/gym-hours.html
I have so many amenities, I almost want to move in here – separate yoga studio, indoor pools, outdoor pools, fitness machines in the hundreds (literally I do not wait for anything), 3 change rooms with sauna/steams (and a restriction on kids in those areas – double yay), cafe, spa services with massage, mani/pedi, tennis, squash, basketball courts, spin room with 80 bikes and the piece de resistance A BAR. Yes you heard me, after an exhausting workout you can actually collapse with friends and have a quiet drink! How very Australian of them.
The people are really friendly and here is the best part (why I don’t actually need to move in here), sitting in the sauna I met some girls who recommended an apartment complex given my impending move and I now have a new apartment to go to at the end of June (bliss). In the beautiful village of Mamaroneck, I have found nirvana – well to be confirmed but so far seems like it.
OK, so I guess I should now mention my new apartment has awesome facilities as well, huge balcony overlooking a pool, function room, bbqs (thank god) and the usual cool things.
Living la vida loca – or something like that – and that my friends is why a good swanky gym membership is awesome!

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2 Responses to Why a swanky gym is better than, well, the alternative!

  1. bbandb says:

    This is the funniest blog post ever! Your opening line about the Y is out of control! LMAO!


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