Why snow is better when you live in an apartment

IMG_1737Normally the first time it snows for the year I’m thrilled for about 5 minutes and then the horror of reality kicks in.  Namely, shoveling a driveway (mine was about 200 ft on a hill – NEVER buy a house with a hilly driveway in a country that has snow), digging a path to the wood pile to get wood (do I hear you saying “surely that’s boys work” – yes, yes it is), getting snowed on while you dig your car out so you can drive and actually see out your windows (apparently this is optional for some people) and finding that snow can become ice where you fall over repeatedly and get to look at your black and blue legs for months on end.

Behold the new me – I love snow now and all this is because I moved house!  I now live in an apartment that has no hilly driveway (but if it did, the apartment people would clear it), undercover parking (sheer bliss) and a gas fireplace that turns on with the flick of a switch!  I can barbecue on my balcony all winter long under cover (essential for an Aussie).  There is no need to head out and fall down or get snowed on to get in the car to go to the supermarket!

IMG_1739I also love that I can go to the gym, sit in the spa and watch the snow falling over the outdoor pool & waterslides which makes it seem kind of fun.  This year winter seems so much better and I may actually live through it without spending months in the foetal position willing it to end.  I’m ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow where I’m charged with bringing the wine – leave it to an Aussie to sort that out – got it covered and who cares if it snows!


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3 Responses to Why snow is better when you live in an apartment

  1. Karen Enbom says:

    Love the Oyster Bay, nice one 🙂


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