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Why do apartment buildings make you get an electric bbq?

There is no doubt I have one of the largest, greatest balconies in my apartment complex overlooking the pool.  As my friend Allison, would say “This is what you pay a premium for – to have what amounts to an … Continue reading

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Why snow is better when you live in an apartment

Normally the first time it snows for the year I’m thrilled for about 5 minutes and then the horror of reality kicks in.  Namely, shoveling a driveway (mine was about 200 ft on a hill – NEVER buy a house … Continue reading

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Why a swanky gym is better than, well, the alternative!

So I have a new gym. The murder at the Y really put me off my gym program, so a new one was in order. Good news – this one even has a sign on the front door saying “Firearms … Continue reading

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Is there a legal requirement to use an indicator here in New York?

I’ve finally discovered why car insurance is so expensive here – it’s because of the accidents.  “Of course, you idiot” you mutter as you read this. But here is why there are so many accidents – apparently using an indicator … Continue reading

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The Immortal Aussie Ugg Boot is so much more here in the US than we have at home!

Well, what can I say, Uggs rule here in NYC.  Well, it snows there you might say and people need warm feet.  This is not a winter situation at all.  We have them for all seasons and events.  Thong uggs … Continue reading

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Why I love service in the US…

So, Friday I worked down in Manhattan and caught the train from White Plains.  Mostly I drive down but feeling like the parking costs for 12hrs might give me a heart attack when I’m attempting a responsible spending program, I decide to … Continue reading

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What a difference 3 weeks makes…

Finally there is hope…not to end global warming, but certainly that this “hell froze over and I live in it now” state of affairs in New York may not be permanent (my greatest fear). For the first time today, I … Continue reading

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Who says everything is bigger in Texas?

Well here I am at Costco, considering steak for dinner – then I look at the pack for 2 steaks and as I almost faint considering the portion size and feel the need to ask my buddy to put a … Continue reading

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Chill out and Cheer up Winter

So this last weekend I headed off to a retreat for some Yoga, Meditation, Vegetarian food and general peace at the Hari Krishna Ashram in the Catskills. A mere 2hrs away is snowy peace – along the way we noticed … Continue reading

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Martini Madness is a great way to spend Christmas

Christmas starts with magical martinis…so I spent Christmas this year in Chicago again although this time with Jackie and Nigel who stayed home this year (yay).  Xmas eve on Monday night was a night of catchup, dirty martinis (North Shore Gin … Continue reading

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